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  • 60 terms


    Colombian Exchange


    Modern scholars have described the biological encounter between the two sides of Atlantic as Colombian Exchange A name that acknowledges a crucial role that Columbus played in instigating this transformation. this exchange involved a range of foods,plants,animals and diseases. Moving from the Americas to Europeans who followed him were host of foods now closely identified with European cuisine. Before Columbus Italian cuisine had no tomato, Irish and German food no potato, Switzerland no chocolate. Moving in other direction were animals, Including the horse, long extinct in Americas but reintroduced by Spanish, sheep,cattle, and swine. Diseases also crossed Atlantic. Europeans may have brought back plague in the form of more deadly strain of the sexually transmitted disease syphilis that sailors picked up on Caribbean islands. far more devastating were the disease like smallpox brought to new world. These diseases killed huge numbers of Indian men,women and children. Marine Technology

    • Hist 100
    • 60 terms
    • Vocabulary for Hist 100. Find, create, and access George Washington, The Federalist Papers, American Revolution, flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 37 terms




    physical or measurable characteristic

    • Bio 109 F Unit 2 Terms
    • 37 terms
    • Vocabulary for Bio 109 F Unit 2 Terms. Find, create, and access Genetics, Trait, affected males product, flashcards with Course Hero.

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