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HSER 268 - University Of Hawaii - Hilo Study Resources
  • 40 Pages UDA_Ch3

    School: University Of Hawaii - Hilo

    Uppers Downers & All Arounders Uppers/Stimulants Chapter 3 Uppers/Stimulants In 1999 about 1.7 million Americans used amphetamines for nonmedical reasons, 4.2 million used cocaine, 68 million smoked cigarettes, 200 million drank coffee, tea, ca

  • 18 Pages UDA_Ch10

    School: University Of Hawaii - Hilo

    Uppers, Downers and All Arounders Chapter 10 Mental Health and Drugs Mental Health and Drugs: An Overview 40 million Americans suffer from mental health issues 7-10 million have mental health and substance abuse issues Studies show that neurotran

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