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  • 38 terms


    Telecommunication Medium


    Anything that carries an electronic signal and interfaces between a sending device and a receiving device

    • MGT Final 3
    • 38 terms
    • Vocabulary for MGT Final 3. Find, create, and access MGT, Computer network, Internet access, Metropolitan area network, power limits, flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 36 terms


    Software Development Life Cycle


    -Known as "Waterfall Model" -series of well-defined phases performed in sequences that serve as a framework for developing a system or project -Each phases output (results) becomes the input for the next phase

    • MGT last one 5
    • 36 terms
    • Vocabulary for MGT last one 5. Find, create, and access MGT, Software development process, Rapid application development flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 16 terms




    The Internet is a Worldwide collection of millions of computers and networks of all sizes.

    • MGT 3180 Final 2
    • 16 terms
    • Vocabulary for MGT 3180 Final 2. Find, create, and access MGT, World Wide Web, Internet backbone, Internet service provider, NSP, flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 12 terms


    Types of e-commerce


    B2B B2C C2C E-government -G2C -G2B -G2G

    • MGT 318 Final 4
    • 12 terms
    • Vocabulary for MGT 318 Final 4. Find, create, and access MGT, PCI DSS, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard flashcards with Course Hero.

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