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    Jul 22, 2016
    | Would highly recommend.

    Not too easy. Not too difficult.

    Course Overview:

    Social media definean array of Internet sites that enable people from different paths to interact. his can be thro!"h disc!ssions, sharin" photos, #ideos and a!dios. $ltho!"h social media ha#e made re#ol!tionary chan"es in teena"er%s li#es to a better one by pro#idin" them the opport!nity to connect with people and b!ild better relationships, it act!ally ha#e ne"ati#e effects on them more than the positi#es. here are fi#e ma&or ne"ati#e effects of social media on teena"ers, incl!din"' Internet addiction, social isolation, online intimidation, fake connection, and physical inacti#ity

    Course highlights:

    he first ne"ati#e effect of social media on teena"ers is Internet addiction. eople are addicted, when they cannot spend a whole day witho!t feelin" to post somethin" or share a pict!re beca!se they feel lonely and bored. or e*ample, some people post abo!t + to  tweets per min!te- therefore, !sers will be li#in" for tweetin" the moment instead of li#in" the real moment. Indi#id!als s!fferin" from Internet addiction in#est additional time in solitary secl!sion- spend less time with real people in their li#es, as a res!lt, real life relationships will become disr!pted. owe#er, depression will be sooner occ!rred on these !sers beca!se of the /ero connections in their #irt!al world. In fact, esearches ha#e shown that a n!mber of an*iety and personality disorders stem from in#estin" an e*cessi#e amo!nt of time on the eb.

    Hours per week:

    3-5 hours

    Advice for students:

    o s!m !p, as with most thin"s in life there are positi#e and ne"ati#e sides of social media, b!t the ne"ati#e side has the widest ran" on todays yo!th. $s e*plored pre#io!sly, there are fi#e ma&or ne"ati#e impacts of social media on yo!th, incl!din"' Internet addiction, social isolation, cyber b!llyin", identity theft, and physical inacti#ity. Social media is a do!ble3sided weapon that teena"ers sho!ld be caref!l in !sin" it, by the a#oidant to post personal information e#erywhere on the eb, to start !sin" the Internet as an information tool, to start e*ercisin", and finally toachie#e balance between !sin" social networks and !sin" their brains, witho!t losin" one of them at least

    • Summer 2016
    • suraqiqieh
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