• 1 Page The Crisis in Northern Uganda
    The Crisis In Northern Uganda

    School: UConn

    The Crisis in Northern Uganda: The civil war has been going on for 19 years, since 1986. As many as 30,000 children have been abducted by the rebel Lord Resistance Army s (LRA) and forced to serve as soldiers, laborers and sex slaves. To escape LRA a

  • 4 Pages Westernization Without Modernization
    Westernization Without Modernization

    School: UConn

    Dadrian Ellington Hist 223 November 5, 2007 Westernization without Modernization: Lack of Control Some people argue that the western world brought development to the continent of Africa, but mere development of infrastructure such as the snakes of r

  • 2 Pages The Wind of Change
    The Wind Of Change

    School: UConn

    The Wind of 6/6/57 gold coast first to independence-ghana led by kwame Nkrumah celbrated as a a hero and visionary other African nations would follow between 56 and 64 26 african nations gained independence from colonial rule end of an era, a new gen

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