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CHAPTER 5225 - Georgia Tech Study Resources
  • 14 Pages Radiosondes

    School: Georgia Tech

    1900 RADIOSONDES Further Reading Appenzeller C, Holton JR, and Rosenlof KH (1996) Seasonal variation of mass transport across the troposphere. Journal of Geophysical Research 101: 1507115078. Baumgartner S, Beer J, Suter M, et al. (1997) Chlorine 36

  • 3 Pages Radiation_Solar

    School: Georgia Tech

    RADIATION (SOLAR) 1859 Workshop Proceedings, Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy, pp. 4553. Ulaby FT (1981) Microwave response of vegetation. In Kahle AB, Weill G, Carter WD (eds) Advances in Space Research, COSPAR Interdisciplinary Scientific Comm

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