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PSY 1 - FSU Study Resources
  • 2 Pages Chapter 9
    Chapter 9

    School: FSU

    Chapter 9 1. Identify different models (Spearmans g model, triarchic model, theory of multiple intelligences) and types of intelligence (fluid vs. crystalized) Intelligence- the ability to learn from experience solves problems, and use knowledge to adapt

  • 2 Pages Chapter 11
    Chapter 11

    School: FSU

    Chapter 11 1. Identify the primary emotions & describe how we differentiate emotions (culturally, physiologically, etc.)? Regarding physiology, understand how to differentiate real and fake smiles. Emotions: mental states or feelings associated with our

  • 3 Pages Chapter 13
    Chapter 13

    School: FSU

    Chapter 13 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Identify ways in which social situations influence behavior (through social comparison theory, social contagion, & social facilitation). Social Psychology: the study of how people influence others behavior, beliefs, and attitudes

  • 4 Pages Chapter 15
    Chapter 15

    School: FSU

    Chapter 15 1. Describe how we define mental disorders (rarity, deviance, distress or impairment, dysfunction, frequency/length of illness). Describe the advantages/disadvantages of categorical definitions of mental illness. Describe the advantages/disadva

  • 5 Pages 1101 Summer 13 Calendar (1)
    1101 Summer 13 Calendar (1)

    School: FSU

    ENC 1101 Summer 13 - Course Schedule * I will notify you of any changes made to the schedule by email through your school email account and Blackboard, so check both sites daily! * Items in the Homework boxes are what you need to accomplish outside of cla

  • 4 Pages 2013 AFA1003-02 Syllabus
    2013 AFA1003-02 Syllabus

    School: FSU

    AFA 1003-02 DIVERSITY AND JUSTICE Syllabus, 2013 Summer C Instructor: Meeting Times: Office: Assistants: Office Hours: Course Website: Required Readings: Dr. Marc Gertz T R 12:301:45 pm 312 Hecht House Christi Falco Kaleena Burkes TR after class or by app

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