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The PHYS department at Georgia State features a variety of courses in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

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PHYS - Georgia State Study Resources
  • Georgia State University (Georgia State)
  • Raghavan, JeremyMaune, ZHOU, Apolov, Wang, Ap, MuradSarsour, CarlR.Nave, Koshanov, XiochunHe, BrianD.Thoms, MichaelC.Weeks, HughR.Miller, UnilA.Perera, CenateC.Pruitt, Kiran, AnuradhaGhosh, BrianA.Yee, Staff, JamesG.Evans, SAEIDBELKASIM, JohnW.Wilson, RameshG.Mani, JohnR.Evans, MarkStockman, XiaojunCao, AndreyShilnikov, AbbasBarzegar, VadymM.Apalkov, PaulJ.Wiita, GaryHastings, StevenT.Manson, PeterG.Walker, NikolausDietz, ChristopherBrown, CherilynnA.Morrow, Evan,John, BenjaminL.Team, CherilynMorrow, Morrow, Dhamala, BirjooDilipkumarVaishnav, MistyC.Bentz, Ravagan
  • 88

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