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  • 21 terms


    ambiguous (adj.) – unclear; vague; having several possible interpretations ambivalence(n.) – indecision; feeling of being pulled in two directions ameliorate (v.) – to make an unpleasant situation better; to improve amity (n.) – friendship amorphous (adj.) – without form or shape analogous (adj.) – similar anarchy (n.) – a lack of order; chaos anathema (n.) – a religious curse, or the thing or person being cursed antagonistic (adj.) – in hostile competition; opposing antiquated (adj.) – too old to be useful; outdated; obsolete antithesis (n.) – opposite apathy (n.) – lack of interest or concern apex (n.) – top; highest point; summit appease (v.) – calm; pacify arbitrary (adj.) – selected by random choice and without solid reason arcane (adj.) – secret; mysterious archaic (adj.) – old; antiquated arrogant (adj.) – acting superior, obnoxious, smug, or rude articulate (adj.) – able to speak clearly and effectively ascendance (n.) – domination; controlling power



    • SAT Group B
    • 21 terms
    • Vocabulary for SAT Group B. Find, create, and access vocabulary, Better, Greek loanwords, n., Curse, Appeasement, flashcards with Course Hero.

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