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Middle Georgia State College School Information

School Facts

  • Operating Status: Currently operating

    Campus: Main campus

  • Degree Type:

    Distance Education: On-campus and Online




Admission Selectivity and Test Scores


Average SAT Score Range

  • Unknown



Average ACT Score

  • 16-20
  • 18

  • Average Score

Admission Requirement
AP Credits


Degree Details

Available Fields of Study and Degrees

  • > Biology/Biological Sciences, General Bachelor's Program
  • > Business Administration and Management, General Bachelor's Program
  • > Business/Commerce, General
  • > Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, Other Bachelor's Program
  • > Community Organization and Advocacy Bachelor's Program
  • > Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, Other
  • > Computer and Information Sciences, General Bachelor's Program
  • > Early Childhood Education and Teaching Bachelor's Program
  • > English Language and Literature, General Bachelor's Program
  • > Health Information/Medical Records Administration/Administrator Bachelor's Program
  • > Health Information/Medical Records Technology/Technician
  • > Health/Health Care Administration/Management Bachelor's Program
  • > History, General Bachelor's Program
  • > Junior High/Intermediate/Middle School Education and Teaching Bachelor's Program
  • > Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies Bachelor's Program
  • > Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management
  • > Mathematics, General Bachelor's Program
  • > Operations Management and Supervision
  • > Psychology, General Bachelor's Program
  • > Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse Bachelor's Program
  • > Respiratory Care Therapy/Therapist
  • > Respiratory Therapy Technician/Assistant Bachelor's Program

Source: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Institute of Education Sciences, 2014-2015

Course Hero, Inc. does not independently verify the accuracy of the information presented above. Financial aid is only available for those who qualify.

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    Protists belong to domain _____



    • Biology 2108 Virtual Lab 2 Protists
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    • Vocabulary for Biology 2108 Virtual Lab 2 Protists. Find, create, and access Phylum, Slime mold, kingdom Amoebozoa, flashcards with Course Hero.
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    Big O functions are written as:


    O(n) n = size of data being passed into the function

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    Evolution is described as _____, but can be defined more narrowly as _____


    descent with modification, a change in the genetic composition of a population from generation to generation

    • Biology 2108 Course Obj A
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    • Vocabulary for Biology 2108 Course Obj A. Find, create, and access Biology, Genetics, Evolution, Jean Baptiste De Lamarck, flashcards with Course Hero.

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