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  • 37 terms


    What are ways in which research enhances social work practice?


    1 - Helps assist social workers to critical evaluate research literature and form empirically-based professional opinions and courses of action 2 - Enables social workers to monitor the progress of individual clients 3 - Enables social workers to assess the effectiveness of programs and interventions 4 - Learn new ways of listening/understanding deeper meanings of those with whom we work

    • Social Work Research Methods (Midterm Prep)
    • 37 terms
    • Vocabulary for Social Work Research Methods (Midterm Prep). Find, create, and access Social Work, Research Methos, flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 10 terms


    Retinotropic Organization


    The idea that each level of the system is organized like a map of the retina. Though the fovea is only a small part of the retina, a large proportion of the primary visual cortex is dedicated to the analysis of its input.

    • Part 2 Optic Vision
    • 10 terms
    • Vocabulary for Part 2 Optic Vision. Find, create, and access flashcards with Course Hero.

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