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WEBPAGES 220 - Idaho Study Resources
  • 1 Page 220 Touching the Timeless
    220 Touching The Timeless

    School: Idaho

    Touching the Timeless Huichol 15,000 living in Sierra Madre Mountains of Central Mexico 300 mile pilgrimage to Wirikuta sacred land of the Peyote place in the east where the Sun was born Chalio torn between two worlds seeking to find himself Pa

  • 7 Pages 220 Jaricho
    220 Jaricho

    School: Idaho

    Jericho and Domestication1 The people of your village, numbering some two thousand men, women and children, have built a massive stone wall. The wall is 2.7 meters thick, 3.2 meters high and perhaps seven hundred meters in circumference, completely

  • 6 Pages 220 Rites of Passage
    220 Rites Of Passage

    School: Idaho

    Rites of Passage Rites of Passage Diagram Rites of Passage Outline Despite societal variation, and especially in tribal-traditional societies, which represent over 99% of human history, rites of passage have been at the core and foundation of virtua

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