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  • 19 terms


    Consumer Price Index (CPI)


    A measure of the cost in a period, for any period, of a standard basket of goods and services relative to the cost of the same basket of goods and services in a fixed year, called the base year.

    • ECON 3 - Chapter 16 Definitions
    • 19 terms
    • Vocabulary for ECON 3 - Chapter 16 Definitions. Find, create, and access Inflation, ECON 3, Consumer price index, nominal quantity, flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 13 terms


    Cyclical Unemployment


    The extra unemployment that occurs during periods of recession.

    • ECON 3 - Chapter 17 Key Terms
    • 13 terms
    • Vocabulary for ECON 3 - Chapter 17 Key Terms. Find, create, and access Economics, Unemployment, labor force, unemployment spell, flashcards with Course Hero.

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