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ENGR 107 - INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING - George Mason Study Resources
  • 4 Pages ENGR107_F082

    School: George Mason

    Course: Intro To Engineering

    Syllabus for ENGR 107: Engineering Fundamentals Section 2, Call Number 73567 (Fall 2008 Semester) Instructor: Email: Carl G. Schaefer, Jr., adjunct professor. cgschaefer@gmu.edu (I check this frequently) or cschaefe@gmu.edu (I check this less freq

  • 2 Pages Assignment 3 - Linear Programming
    Assignment 3 - Linear Programming

    School: George Mason

    ENGR 107 - Introduction to Engineering Assignment #3 (due November 1st at 4:30 pm) Problem 1 In order to ensure the optimal health (and thus accurate test results), a lab technician needs to feed the rabbits a daily diet containing a minimum of 24 grams (

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