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  • 11 terms


    Urban Renewal


    Government program focused on working with "already established community aesthetic" to renew a neighborhood that isn't necessarily well-developed *"For the good of the community"-- but involves relocation and can destroy a sense of community.... also known as "Negro Removal"

    • Housing Discrimination
    • 11 terms
    • Vocabulary for Housing Discrimination. Find, create, and access Midterm, Community Development, Urban decay, Urban renewal, Redlining flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 8 terms


    Back of the Yards


    Area in Chicago where the industrial factories were * first area where Alinsky did organizing - did very well-- a little gentrification occurred and people had to leave

    • Alinsky, ""Rules for Radicals""
    • 8 terms
    • Vocabulary for Alinsky, ""Rules for Radicals"". Find, create, and access Management, Political Philosophy, Midterm flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 8 terms


    Settlement House


    Jane Addams * A house that was in the middle of immigrants, opened it up as a central point for the community to come together; based it on a settlement house in London * Conceptually--> interested in people living, working, being together—starts with creating a community space, then a community organization is created, a gap filler, would provide whatever the community needed - concept of taking educated people (group of women in her case) and moving them into a neighborhood that’s very different as a way to improve that neighborhood and be a good neighbor, to provide services and educate the community; broad services – youth programs, food/meals, responsive to the needs of the community - settlement workers: wealthier women combating uselessness

    • Addams, MLK, Miscellaneous
    • 8 terms
    • Vocabulary for Addams, MLK, Miscellaneous. Find, create, and access Midterm, Community Development, Neighbourhood, Nonviolence flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 6 terms


    Asset-Based Community Development


    Acknowledges and embraces the strong neighborhood through related traditions of community organizing, community economic development, and neighborhood planning *STRATEGY: starts with what is present in the community, the capacities of its residents, and is both 'internally focused' and 'relationship driven' 3 STEPS: (i) find the assets (asset mapping) (ii) connect the assets (iii) harness those assets into ideas for the future

    • Asset Based Community Development
    • 6 terms
    • Vocabulary for Asset Based Community Development. Find, create, and access Midterm, Community Development, Community building flashcards with Course Hero.

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