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CSC 128 - Parkland Study Resources
  • 1 Page echo.sh

    School: Parkland

    #!/bin/bash echo press q to quit read answer if test $answer = q then exit 1 else echo you didnt press q fi

  • 1 Page test.sh

    School: Parkland

    #!/bin/bash echo here we go on testing for a command line parameter #this tests for an integer #if test $1 -eq 7 #this tests for a string if test $1 = 7 then echo It\'s here and it\'s a $1 else echo It\'s not here but it\'s a $1 fi

  • 1 Page function_demo_1.sh

    School: Parkland

    #!/bin/bash err_fn() { echo '$1' passed to the function is $1 echo '$2' passed to the function is $2 exit 1 } echo '$1' from the command line is $1 echo '$2' from the command line is $2 read stop if [ $# -ne 2 ] then err_fn " you are wron

  • 1 Page lab_vi

    School: Parkland

    CSC128 Lab - vi practice 15 points Name _ Copy ~smauney/public/poem to your home directory, leave the name as poem. chmod the poem so that you can make changes to it. 1. Remove all of the windows line feeds. __ 2. Delete Line 4 3. Rep

  • 2 Pages find_commands

    School: Parkland

    Below are some examples of some find commands that were grepped out of my .bash_history. Try to see if you can do some of them, and figure out what they do. find . -mtime 24 find . -mtime -1 find . -name *.html find . -name public_html/*.html find

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