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Indiana Institute of Technology School Information

School Facts

  • Operating Status: Currently operating

    Campus: Main campus (and distance learning)

    Institution Type: 3

  • Degree Type:

    Highest Degree —Doctoral

    Predominant Degree —Not primarily Baccalaureate or above

    Distance Education: On-campus and Online




Admission Selectivity and Test Scores


Average SAT Score Range

  • 1,170-1,495
  • 1,333

  • Average Score



Average ACT Score

  • 16-23
  • 19

  • Average Score

Admission Requirement
Secondary School Record Secondary School GPA Secondary School Rank Letters of Recommendation Admission Test Score AP Credits
Required Required Recommended Recommended Required Yes


Graduation Rate
  • 18%

  • 31%

  • 32%

Degree Details

Available Fields of Study and Degrees

  • > Accounting Bachelor's Program
  • > Apparel and Textile Marketing Management Bachelor's Program
  • > Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering Bachelor's Program
  • > Business Administration and Management, General Bachelor's Program
  • > Business/Commerce, General Master's Program
  • > Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, Other Bachelor's Program
  • > Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance Bachelor's Program
  • > Computer Engineering, General Bachelor's Program
  • > Computer Graphics
  • > Computer Science Bachelor's Program
  • > Computer Software Engineering Bachelor's Program
  • > Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications Bachelor's Program
  • > Corrections and Criminal Justice, Other Bachelor's Program
  • > Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration Bachelor's Program, Master's Program
  • > Criminal Justice/Safety Studies
  • > Criminalistics and Criminal Science Bachelor's Program
  • > Electrical and Electronics Engineering Bachelor's Program
  • > Elementary Education and Teaching Bachelor's Program
  • > Engineering/Industrial Management Master's Program
  • > Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering Bachelor's Program
  • > General Studies
  • > Human Services, General Bachelor's Program
  • > Industrial Engineering Bachelor's Program
  • > Legal Assistant/Paralegal Bachelor's Program
  • > Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Other Bachelor's Program
  • > Mechanical Engineering Bachelor's Program
  • > Organizational Leadership Bachelor's Program, Master's Program
  • > Parks, Recreation and Leisure Facilities Management, General Bachelor's Program
  • > Physical Education Teaching and Coaching Bachelor's Program
  • > Pre-Law Studies Bachelor's Program
  • > Psychology, General Bachelor's Program
  • > Speech Communication and Rhetoric Bachelor's Program
  • > Sport and Fitness Administration/Management Bachelor's Program
  • > Therapeutic Recreation/Recreational Therapy Bachelor's Program
  • > Web/Multimedia Management and Webmaster Bachelor's Program
Highest Degree Academic and Career Counselling Services Employment Services for Students
Doctoral Yes Yes

Tuition, Cost and Financial Aid

  • Undergraduate Tuition
    • In-State Tuition (2014-2015)


    • Out-of-State Tuition (2014-2015)


Undergraduate Costs of Attendance
  • On—Campus
    • Total In-State Cost


    • Total Out-of-State Cost


Financial Aid — Freshmen Students
Type of Aid No. Receiving Aid % Receiving Aid Total Aid Received Average Aid Received
Any Student Financial Aid 562 98% $115,200.00 $3,565.00
Grant Aid 552 97% $6,973,929.00 $12,433.00
Student Loan - 96% $12,765.00 $4,504.00
Financial Aid — Undergraduate Students
Type of Aid No. Receiving Aid % Receiving Aid Total Aid Received Average Aid Received
Any Student Financial Aid 4,463 78% $37,500,145.00 $8,402.00
Pell Grant Aid 3,706 65% $14,855,863.00 $4,009.00
Student Loan 4,867 85% $37,450,780.00 $7,695.00


Student-Faculty Ratio

36 : 1

Endowment per FTE Enrollment


per student


Source: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Institute of Education Sciences, 2014 - 2015

Course Hero, Inc. does not independently verify the accuracy of the information presented above.

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    Demand Factor


    The requirement that aggregate demand increases as fast as potential output if economic growth is to proceed as quickly as possible.

    • Chapter 26 : Economic Growth
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  • 29 terms


    Allocative Efficiency


    the apportionment of resources among firms and industries to obtain the production of the products most wanted by society (consumers); the output of each product at which its marginal cost and price or marginal benefit are equal, and at which the sum of consumer surplus and producer surplus is maximized.

    • Chapter 3 : Demand, Supply, and Market Equilibrium
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    a collection of specific economic units treated as if they were one unit. Examples: the prices of all individual goods and services are combined into the price level, and all units of output are aggregated into gross domestic product.

    • Chapter 1: Limits, Alternatives, and Choices
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    the direct exchange of one good or service for another good or service.

    • Chapter 2 : The Market System and the Circular Flow
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  • 26 terms


    Base Year


    the year with which other years are compared when an index is constructed; for example, the base year for a price index.

    • Chapter 25 : Measuring Domestic Output and National Income
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  • 17 terms


    Business Cycle


    recurring increases and decreases in the level of economic activity over periods of years; consists of peak, recession, trough, and expansion phases.

    • Chapter 24 : An Introduction to Macroeconomics
    • 17 terms
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