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  • 27 terms


    Inspection Technique: Symmetry: Normal & Abnormal


    Shine light across ab lengthwise; symmetric bilaterally ABNORMAL: bulges, masses; Hernia: Protrusion of abdominal viscera through abnormal opening in muscle wall

    • Abdominal Jarvis
    • 27 terms
    • Vocabulary for Abdominal Jarvis. Find, create, and access Nursing, Peritoneum, Bowel obstruction, W/, costal margin flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 15 terms


    1 kg


    2.2 lbs

    • Conversions
    • 15 terms
    • Vocabulary for Conversions. Find, create, and access Imperial units, United States customary units, ml, ounces, flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 12 terms


    Describe relaxation techniques when performing abdominal exam


    Empty bladder, keep room warm, be supine- head on pillow-knees bent or on pillow, arms @ side or across chest, stethoscope warm, hands warm, fingernails short, examine painful spots last, use distraction (eg. client tells abdomen history)

    • Abdomen
    • 12 terms
    • Vocabulary for Abdomen. Find, create, and access Nursing, Human abdomen, Ascites, Bulging flanks, Shifting dullness, Fluid wave test, flashcards with Course Hero.
  • 10 terms


    How do you assess hair and what are normal findings?


    Inspect & Palpate the hair. Normal: Color: melanin production blonde - black; graying at 3rd decade due to genetics. Texture: scalp hair may be fine/ thick, straight/ curly/ kinky, shiny

    • Skin/ PVS
    • 10 terms
    • Vocabulary for Skin/ PVS. Find, create, and access Nursing, pulse, Anterior superior iliac spine, abnormal finding, Seborrhea flashcards with Course Hero.

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