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  • 3 Pages ap gov ch. 12 p.303-end
    ap gov ch. 12 p.303-end

    School: University Of California, Berkeley

    Course: POLI SCI 1

    ... Insider stories: secret stories. Some gov. insider leaked the story. May be influenced by reporters of what's covered. Routine stories may reflect influence of editor. Feature & insider have views of journalists and reporters. Early ne...

  • 1 Page ap gov notes 9 13
    ap gov notes 9 13

    School: University Of California, Berkeley

    Course: ECON 1

    Congress can impeach a president (file charges)Congress can overturn a presidents vetoCongress has the power of the purse ( they appropriate money for things)Legislative branch has to approve judicial nominees and to the presidents cabinet. The se...

  • 4 Pages Chapter 2 Notes
    Chapter 2 Notes

    School: Woodbridge High

    Course: GOVERNMENT AP Governm

    ... Separation of Powers- a way of dividing power among three branches of government in which members of the House of Representatives, members of the Senate, the president, and the federal courts are selected by and responsible to different consti...

  • 2 Pages Mel Martinez Biographical Sketch
    Mel Martinez Biographical Sketch

    School: International School

    Course: GOVERNMENT AP US Gove

    AP US Gov: AP US Government. Teacher: Tamara Truax. Department: Government. Mel Martinez Biographical Sketch. Born in Sagua La Grande, Cuba, Mel Martinez migrated to the United States in 1962 on a humanitarian group called Operation Peter Pan when...

  • 1 Page RussVocab

    School: Wwindsor Plainsboro South

    Course: HISTORY AP Gov

    AP Comparative Politics Vocab. Russia Vocab Terms. democratic centralism glasnost. Stalinism perestroika. Marxist-Leninism Constitution of 1993. nomenklatura Constitutional Court. Central Committee Duma. Politiburo Federation Council. general secr...

  • 1 Page iousa Paper
    iousa Paper

    School: La Canada High

    Course: HISTORY AP Governm

    Mrs. Kalb. Period 1, AP Government/Economics. March 17, 2011. IOUSA Commentary: Reality Check. IOUSA opened my eyes to the reality of the country's economy. While I always understood the problems of today, I failed to consider the repercussion...

  • 1 Page Group Discussion Questions(2).ch2
    Group Discussion Questions(2).ch2

    School: Marlboro High

    Course: HISTORY AP US Gove

    Group Discussion QuestionsConstitutionalFoundation1. Identify two (2) concerns of the Antifederalists during the ConstitutionalConvention. Identify and explain how Madisons argument(s) in Federalist 10AND/OR 51 addressed those concerns.2. Academic...

  • 2 Pages Chapter 5 Vocab
    Chapter 5 Vocab

    School: Silverton High School, Silverton

    Course: GOVERNMENT AP Governm

    Chapter 5 Vocab. Civil Liberties: the personal guarantees and freedoms that the federal government cannot abridge by law, constitution, or judicial interpretation. Civil rights: The government- protected rights of individuals against arbitrary or ...

  • 1 Page Case Brief - Plessy v Ferguson
    Case Brief - Plessy v Ferguson

    School: Park View High

    Course: HISTORY AP Governm

    Plessy v Ferguson. Fuller Court. 163 US 537. 1896. Facts: “Separate but equal” had grow to become the way of life for most Southern states; when Homer Plessy, 1/8th black, attempted to sit in an all-white railroad car and after refusing to sit i...

  • 7 Pages Final Paper With Questions
    Final Paper With Questions

    School: East High

    Course: GOVERNMENT AP Governm

    ... Russia was more intrigued with the alliance through the proposal of the maintenance of their Polish land. Alexander II had grown more conservative since the beginning of his reign, and therefore wanted to keep the growth of radical movements a...

  • 1 Page Public policy cheat sheet
    Public policy cheat sheet

    School: Centreville High

    Course: GOVERMENT AP Goverme

    Chelsie Lawrence, Per.5, 4/5/11Chapter 18: Social Welfare PolicymakingImportant Vocabulary1. Social welfare policies: policies that provide benefits to individuals through establishments or meanstesting2. Entitlement programs: govt benefits that c...

  • 1 Page Bereaucratic Structure - Copy - Copy
    Bereaucratic Structure - Copy - Copy

    School: Florida Virtual High School

    Course: AP US GOV AP US GOVE

    Define congressional oversight. Congressional Oversight, is the title of the job assigned to Congress designating them to be an overseer in the workings of the executive branch. Congress is a keystone in passing laws and mandating budgets for fede...

  • 1 Page The Problem With Power - Copy - Copy
    The Problem With Power - Copy - Copy

    School: Florida Virtual High School

    Course: AP US GOV AP US GOVE

    ... Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time, no one was left to speak up.”. In this quote I see that it shows us that we need to speak up for things that don&...

  • 3 Pages AP Gov Pol Chap 8 HW
    AP Gov Pol Chap 8 HW

    School: Suffern Senior High School

    Course: HISTORY AP Governm

    AP Gov/Pol Chap 8. In the early 19 th century, parties played a much larger role in elections in the United States than they do now. Until well into the 20 th century, parties determined, or powerfully influenced, who got nominated. Members of Con...

  • 2 Pages AP Gov Pol 2009 Exam Q1 Essay
    AP Gov Pol 2009 Exam Q1 Essay

    School: Suffern Senior High School

    Course: HISTORY AP Governm

    ESSAY 1- 2009 Exam, Q1. A major concern the Founding Fathers shared was that majority rule could gain too much power over government. In James Madison's Federalist 10, he states the proposed Constitution and a well constructed Union would serv...

  • 2 Pages AP Government Essay - Gerrymandering
    AP Government Essay - Gerrymandering

    School: Notre Dame High School College P

    Course: HISTORY AP Governm

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