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  • 4 Pages Health - Bird Flu Reports Multiply in Turkey
    Health - Bird Flu Reports Multiply in Turkey

    School: Beacon FL


    ... Bird flu may be more common, less deadly. By LINDSEY TANNER AP MEDICAL WRITER. CHICAGO -- As bird flu cases rise at a disturbing pace in Turkey, new research offers a bit of hope - it's likely that many people who get it don't become s...

  • 12 Pages APUSH Unit 3 Study Guide
    APUSH Unit 3 Study Guide

    School: Berkeley

    Course: HIST 45213

    APUSH Unit 3 Study Guide. ... 251, 258, 259, 264, 265, 266, 267, 268, 269, 270, 272, 275, 276, 277, 278, 279, 280, 281, 282, 287, 292, 293 ) = led the attack against the Spanish in Spanish Florida in 1817-1818; butchered many Indians and Spaniards...

  • 1 Page apush111610

    School: CUNY York

    Course: BIO 0081

    David Kim APUSH. Period 2 11/16/10. Declaration of Sentiments of the American Anti-Slavery Society. 1. The abolitionists at the convention believed that their work continued the Revolution. They thought of it more value than the Revolution because...

  • 1 Page apush111510

    School: CUNY York

    Course: BIO 0081

    David Kim Period 2. APUSH 11/15/10. Letters from the Front in the Mexican War. 1. Smith felt that an invasion of Mexico was not necessary to secure the annexation of Texas, but just buying the land or making negotiations would suffice. But this di...

  • 5 Pages APUSH Chapter 22
    APUSH Chapter 22

    School: Arkansas Pine Bluff

    Course: HIST 1

    Chapter 22The Ordeal of ReconstructionI.II.I.II.III.IV.I.II.III.I.II.II The Problems of PeaceAfter the war, there were many questions over what to do with thefree Blacks, such ashow to reintegrate the Southern states into theUnion, what.

  • 3 Pages apush DBQ 7
    apush DBQ 7

    School: Berkeley

    Course: ENG 11

    Lawrendra. Anton Lawrendra. Dr. Burns. AP US History, Period 1. 22 January 2008. DBQ 7. The wave of American industrialism that arrived after the Civil War was driven by a select group of capitalists. However, more often than not, these capitalist...

  • 1 Page apush unit II essay outline
    apush unit II essay outline

    School: Berkeley

    Course: ENG 11

    Anton Lawrendra, Unit II, APUSH Essay Outline. -After the Revolutionary War, the United States needed a strong, capable government to unite the different states under one flag. -As a result, the Articles of Confederation were born. -Thirteen indep...

  • 1 Page ChineseExclusionActExcerpts

    School: Wwindsor Plainsboro North

    Course: HISTORY AP US

    Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) The Chinese Exclusion Act was the first law in US history that significantly restricted immigration. Aimed at stemming the tide of Chinese workers, especially in the western states, the act not only curtailed Chinese i...

  • 1 Page AP US  Essay Rubric
    AP US Essay Rubric

    School: Montgomery High, Skillman

    Course: HISTORY AP United

    Essay rubricAP HistoryThis is the same rubric used in the AP Exam.Follow the grading sheet to determine points.8.9- Strong thesis; consistent throughout essay-Addresses all parts of question clearly, logically- Excellent depth of analysis- Histori.

  • 7 Pages APUSH_Chapter8 Outline
    APUSH_Chapter8 Outline

    School: Roslyn High School


    ... F. The Early Supreme Court. 1. 1796 -> Ware v. Hylton -> Declared state law unconstitutional -> Hylton v. US. 2. 1793 -> Chisholm v. Georgia -> States could be sued in federal courts by citizens from other states -> Unpopular...

  • 4 Pages Early 1800s Society
    Early 1800s Society

    School: North Brunswick Twp High

    Course: HISTORY AP US Hist

    How did religious beliefs change in the early 1800s?Leaders such as Charles G. Finney held revivals known as camp meetingsthroughout the nationBelief in salvation by faith, good works, good deedsBecame known as the Second Great AwakeningRevivals p...

  • 2 Pages Chapter 24 Industrialization nd Imperialism_ The Making of the European Global Order (01)
    Chapter 24 Industrialization nd Imperialism_ The Making of the European Global Order (01)

    School: Eastern Technical High School

    Course: HISTORY AP US Hist

    Chapter 24: Industrialization and Imperialism: The Making of the European Global Order1. THE SHIFT TO LAND EMPIRES IN ASIAA. Trading companies like the, Dutch and English East India Company, were moreinterested in profit gains in places like Afric...

  • 6 Pages Amanda AP US Chapter 5
    Amanda AP US Chapter 5

    School: Lakota East High School

    Course: HISTORY

    Amanda Kaine. AP US History. Period 4. Chapter 5. The Cultures of Colonial North America, 1700-1780. Intro (From Deerfield to Kahnawake: Crossing Cultural Boundaries). New England perennially fought with New France; Feb. 29, 1704; Deerfield, Massa...

  • 2 Pages APUS Mass & Virginia essay
    APUS Mass & Virginia essay

    School: Suffern Senior High School

    Course: HISTORY AP US Hist

    APUS. Massachusetts & Virginia Essay. In the early seventeenth century, various factors in Britain led to a colonial impulse. A rapidly increasing population, unemployment, a desire for religious freedom, and joint stock companies inspired man...

  • 1 Page vietnam debate
    vietnam debate

    School: Punahou School

    Course: HISTORY AP US Hist

    ... The antiwar movement included a wide range of Americans and was very diverse; these people's demonstrations exposed to everyone the corruptness of the government and the war. College students and professors, the Baby Boomers, and people of...

  • 3 Pages APUSH Chapter 18
    APUSH Chapter 18

    School: Newark High School, Newark

    Course: US HIST APUSH

    ... protection. southerners thirsted for more slave states as less land in US-William Walker tried to take Nicaragua and turn it slave; ...