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  • 59 Pages gre_0910_chemistry_practice_book

    School: Rochester

    Course: PHY 122

    ... For some Subject Tests, subscores are provided in addition to the total score; these subscores indicate the strengths and weaknesses of your preparation, and they may help you plan future studies. The GRE Board recommends that scores on the Su...

  • 4 Pages DAT Biology
    DAT Biology

    School: University Of Texas

    Course: CH 45915

    Biology (BB, Topscore, Achiever) 12/18/09 10:56 AM. 12/18/09 10:56 AM. 12/18/09 10:56 AM. Life Activities: Metabolism-catabolic (break down chemicals and release energy) + anabolic (build up chemicals and require energy) rxns. Ingestion-Acquisitio...

  • 34 Pages 2434310-DAT-guide

    School: UC Davis

    Course: BIO SCI 104

    ... If you answered "yes" to review course, blacken the appropriate circle indicating the length of the course. Box #29. Other Admissions Tests Blacken the appropriate circle indicating whether you have taken (or plan to take) the MCAT, ...

  • 24 Pages GREPracTest1

    School: Ohio State

    Course: GRE Gre

    ... 2. D Since they are a simple shape with a ton of special cases and associated rules, triangles make many appearances on the standard GRE. On question 2, the triangle has a right angle, meaning the Pythagorean theorem can be applied. Start with...

  • 4 Pages MCAT_TAP_Apr_19_2008

    School: Rutgers

    Course: CBN 356

    ... As stated before, pop-up windows appear to announce time remaining and to announce the end of a section. Note that if you leave the room and DO NOT click OK to end the section, the proctor would end if for you. The post-test survey was very sh...

  • 4 Pages MCAT Study Guide
    MCAT Study Guide

    School: Carnegie Mellon

    Course: PRE-MED 42-101

    MCAT Study Guide from Barron's. Biology. Chromatin Structure. Histones are the most numerous category of proteins in chromatin: Aggregate with DNA to from nucleosomes; Each nucleosomes contains two molecules of each histone class comprising a ...

  • 4 Pages PCAT Biology Reinforcement Test 2B
    PCAT Biology Reinforcement Test 2B

    School: Kaplan University

    Course: BIOLOGY PCAT

    ... C. Lymph flow is directly dependent upon the contraction of the heart. D. It has arteries. _____ BIOLOGY REINFORCEMENT TEST 2B KAPLAN _____ 3 22. Muscle contraction on the cellular level is initiated by the release of Ca2+ from the A. canali...

  • 21 Pages hormone MCAT
    hormone MCAT

    School: ASU

    Course: BIOLOGY BIO 187

    42. Animal Hormones. TEST FILE QUESTIONS. Fill in the Blank. 1. In an emergency, the adrenal glands produce _____ immediately and then _____ for prolonged response to stress. Answer: epinephrine; cortisol. 2. _____ is a hormone that is produced fr...

  • 83 Pages GRE孙远工具箱

    School: UCSD

    Course: LTWR 126

    ... Still, it would be hard for a student not to visualize these officers shuffling so many transcripts studded with As that they regard a B as positively shameful. 看到这里了. The pressure is almost as heavy on students who just want to grad...

  • 169 Pages ChaseDream_GMAT_Prep2007阅读笔记_by_glhelr_v1

    School: American InterContinental University Dunwoody

    Course: BUS 311

    ... 25 题目释义: 细节题目 考点: 推断(Inference) 旨在考察我们对文章的深度 理解,以及逻辑推断能力。 这个题目定位比较容易,关键词很明确“Professor Clive Holmes”的那句话。所以对句...

  • 55 Pages GMAT flash card
    GMAT flash card

    School: Berkeley

    Course: ECON 101a

    ... Both forms are considered passive. V: SC: Idiom – Paired Coordinates Not X, but rather Y V: SC: Idiom - Target Target at - “The shoe company targeted its advertising at high-school kids.” V: SC: Idiom Between…and V: SC: they V: SC: Compari...

  • 1 Page MCAT Practice Essay
    MCAT Practice Essay

    School: GCSU

    Course: BIOL 4950

    When given the statement, The decisions in a family should be madedemocratically, I interpret it to mean that decisions within a family should be made byeach family member with only the family in mind. Decisions should not be based onanything outs...

  • 2 Pages gmat esaay final (1)
    gmat esaay final (1)

    School: Fullerton College

    Course: HRM 324

    Opening:In this argument the author concludes thatIn support of this conclusion, the author cites the general principle that . This principle, coupled with the fact thatleadsto the authors rosy prediction.[This argument is unconvincing because it ...

  • 102 Pages gre_math_review

    School: Punjab Engineering College

    Course: MKT Marketing

    ... Also, if any topics in this review seem especially unfamiliar or are covered too briefly, we encourage you to consult appropriate mathematics texts for a more detailed treatment. Copyright © 2012 by Educational Testing Service. All rights res...

  • 3 Pages GRE Argu 4
    GRE Argu 4

    School: University Of Texas


    Arg-4. "Of the two leading real estate firms in our town---Adams Realty and Fitch Realty---Adams is clearly superior. Adams has 40 real estate agents. In contrast, Fitch has 25, many of whom work only part-time. Moreover, Adams' revenue l...

  • 3 Pages GRE Argu 9
    GRE Argu 9

    School: University Of Texas


    ... Besides, no mention of the actual number of members was mentioned. Even if the club's members would patronize a NW store, these members might be insufficient in number to ensure a profit for the store. Now, lets attend the assumption that ...