Overview: Humor

Black and white photo of The Three Stooges.  All are dressed in comedic military costumes with ruffles and buttons on their jackets.  Curle and Larry are squeezing against Moe, squished in the middle with a pained expression on his face. Photo of the comedy team The Three Stooges. From left-Joe DeRita (Curly Joe), Moe Howard (Moe), and Larry Fine (Larry). This photo was taken as the Stooges made ready for a second appearance on Steve Allen's talk program (later became the Tonight Show).


  • Analyze two pieces of 20th century American literature using on of the four major themes discussed in this course (Essay #1)
  • Respond to the weekly readings within the context of your own perspective (Textual Annotations)
  • Examine the principles of American humor in both a historical and cultural context (Weekly Journal Entry)

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