Lab 9 Overview

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN TO DO: Identify the names and locations of selected muscles of the upper and lower limbs.

Learning Objectives

  • Visually locate and identify the muscles of the rotator cuff..
  • Visually locate and identify the muscles of the upper arm and forearm..
  • Visually located and identify selected muscles of the upper leg and lower leg.


Finger pushing go button. Let's go.

Complete the following lab activities and exercises:
  • Reading: Muscles of the rotator cuff.

    • Exercises 9.1

  • Reading: Muscles of the upper arm.

    • Exercises 9.2

  • Reading: Muscles of the lower arm and hand.

    • Exercises 9.3

  • Reading: Muscles of the hips and thighs.

    • Exercises 9.4

  • Reading: Muscles of the lower leg and foot.

    • Exercises 9.5

Print out the exercise list of limb muscles here as either a MS Word document or as a PDF file:

AP_Lab_Module_9_Exercises1  (Word file) A&P_Lab_Module_9_Exercises (PDF file) If you want a PDF file of the entire lab, suitable for printing, it is here:


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