Study Guide: Meiosis

Study Questions

Objective:  Explain how eukaryotic organisms sexually reproduce.

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Study Guide Questions

  1. Carefully compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis.
  2. What is the very unique thing that happens between homologous chromosomes during prophase I?  Why is this important?
  3. Be able to determine the number of chromosomes AND the amount of DNA in a cell during meiosis.  Know when the “reduction division” occurs.
  4. Given any diagram or picture of a cell in any phase of meiosis or mitosis, be able to identify the phase.
  5. Where does meiosis occur?
  6. Be able to provide a rationale for WHY meiosis is necessary.
  7. Clearly explain how meiosis results in genetic diversity.
  8. What is independent assortment?  When does it occur?    How does it increase genetic diversity?
  9. Be able to draw a picture of independent assortment.
  10. What is crossing over?  How does it increase genetic diversity?
  11. Be able to draw a picture of crossing over.

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