Videos: Liquids and Solids

Liquids: Crash Course Chemistry #26

In this episode of Crash Course Chemistry, Hank gives you the low down on things like London Dispersion Forces, Hydrogen Bonds, Cohesion, Adhesion, Viscosity, Capillary Action, Surface Tension, and why liquids are just . . . WEIRD!

Doing Solids: Crash Course Chemistry #33

In which Hank blows our minds with the different kinds of Solids out there and talks about why they're all different and have different properties. Today, you'll learn about amorphous and crystalline solids, types of crystalline solids, types of crystalline atomic solids, properties of each type of solid, and that the properties depend on the bond types.

Network Solids and Carbon: Crash Course Chemistry #34

In this episode, Hank talks about Network solids and Carbon and how you can actually create a Diamond from plain old Carbon . . . well, YOU probably can't unless you own a bunch of elephants. It's a long story. BUT, within you will learn about Solid Networks, Diamond and Graphite Network Structures, as well as Sheet and 3D Networks. It's not making diamonds from scratch, but it's still pretty cool!

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