Ethical Dilemma: Electrical Engineering

Dilemma #1

Computer Networking standards of conduct are founded on the norms of the society in which a network is set.   These broader norms and values are often challenged by the character of human interaction in electronic networks. In some cases a programmer will program a network to give a company information without informing the user they are taking it.  You are not a part of that department but you work alongside them and know it is not an ethical practice.  

  • How do you handle the situation?

Dilemma #2

The company you are working for is in competition with another.  There has been increased pressure to get your product to the market first.  Members of your design team have magically come across a prototype from the other company.  They ask you to dissect the prototype and report your findings to the team your findings.
  • Is this ethical, and should you do it?  What are your next steps?

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