Ethical Dilemma: Industrial Technology

Mr. Smith was given the opportunity to advance in his career by providing safety training to groups of electricians, provided he receives and/or earns the proper credentials prior to the first day of training. A former electrician himself, Mr. Smith assumed that he was fully qualified. During the application process he noticed that his CPR card had expired. Mr Smith procrastinated and failed to apply for a new CPR permit in a timely manner. Two weeks prior to the start of the training, after being questioned by the company’s safety director, Mr. Smith submitted his application for a new CPR permit. However, in order to “expedite” his advancement, he changed the dates on his old card to make it appear valid, figuring that he would eventually meet this requirement.

  • What possible issues/concerns might this scenario raise?
  • How could this situation become a violation of the law, the “Code,” or company policies?
  • In this situation, what are some potential negative consequences for Mr. Smith, for his future students, and for the company?
  • What responses/actions will result in a more positive outcome, and/or what proactive measures might be considered?

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