About the Use of Biblio-Makers

Do not trust biblio-makers! These citation robots are only as good as their programming, development, and data inputs. Seldom do they get an APA citation correct. This module will assist you in learning to cite sources using APA citation style. It is, however, difficult to avoid biblio-makers as they pop-up along with databases, library guides, proper citation searches, and some instructional materials.

A working bibliography can be created using biblio-makers, and the results can later be corrected using an accurate APA 6th edition handbook or similar resources. The more popular biblio-makers are:

  • Citation Machine
  • EasyBib
  • Cite This For Me
  • Citefast
  • BibMe
  • Bibomatic
  • KnightCite
  • Landmarks Citation Machine
  • OttoBit
  • Researchomatic
  • Zotero

Some students may have a "style sheet" provided to them by an instructor in high school or college. These style sheets are frequently good enough to use for that instructor, but seldom meet the specifications required for APA. Learning to do APA citation properly is a skill that you can use throughout your college career. 

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