ABE Assignment Specifics

ABE Assignment Overview & Checklist

The following is information about ABE Assignments. If the document does not appear below it can be found online by clicking this link.

APA Pointers

Rick, the writing center coordinator, provided this handout and a video to help fine-tune your papers. You can view the video by clicking this link. You can also download the document byclicking this link.

Formatting the ABE

The following is a document that will help you follow how ABE should be formatted. These essays are slightly different than the ABE assignments for Fall 2015 due to the new GEM requirements. If the image does not appear you can find it only by clicking this link.

Sample ABEs

The following are two sample ABEs in order for you to see what the final product should resemble.

  • This is a link to ABE Example 1
  • This is a link to ABE Example 2

ABE Rubric

The following is the rubric for the ABE. If it does not appear below you can find it online by clicking this link.

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