Persuasive Speaking: Outline for Monroe's Motivated Sequence

Note: The verbiage here is only meant to trigger the direction for that particular step of Monroe’s Sequence. Students should not use this exact wording in their outlines; their content should simply cover each area shown here.

I. Attention Step


II. Need-

  1. The problem
  2. Here’s proof that this is a serious problem
  3. Here’s how this problem impacts your life, audience
  4. Some people say this isn’t really a problem.
  5. I say they’re wrong, and here’s why


III. Satisfaction-

  1. Here’s the solution to this problem:
  2. Here’s how the solution works:
  3. Here’s proof that this solution does work to solve the problem:
  4. Some say this kind of a solution won’t work.
  5. I say they’re wrong, and here’s why:


IV. Visualization-

  1. Picture how much worse off we’ll be if we don’t move to use my solution
  2. Picture how much better the world will be once we put my solution into place

V. Action-

  1. Restate thesis:
  2. Call to action:
  3. Because if you don’t:
  4. But if you do
  5. Tie Down


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