Activity - How to Create a Blog Post in Blackboard, Your First Blog

Welcome to our first Blog of the course.

We will use this blog to share our thoughts and ideas on the idea of "Why Open"?  You have had a chance to read about openness, heard David Wiley speak about the idea and seen the 5R's of open. So ... why? or perhaps a better question would be "why not?".

Your assignment is to post to the blog your thoughts about the answer to the question "Why Open?". Do you have doubts or reservations? Are you still undecided about the whole concept? Help your peers process this information by responding to their posts where appropriate.

Successful completion of your Blog post will earn you your first Achievement in our course!

This video shows you how to create your Blog posts in Blackboard if you have never Blogged as a student before!

Published on Jul 26, 2014

This brief video explains how to post a new entry into a Blog within Blackboard 9.1

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