TCC Policy - Use of Open Educational Resources

Attached is a copy of the TCC Policy on the Use of Educational Resources (Policy 2108, Effective 7/10/2014).  "This policy provides guidance to faculty in achieving the following outcomes through the utilization of Open Educational Resources (OER) at Tidewater Community College: improve student success through increased access and affordability, and improve teaching efficiency and effectiveness through the ability to focus, analyze,augment, and evolve course materials directly aligned to course learning outcomes. Faculty will be supported in their use of OER to achieve one or both of the stated outcomes."

As you read through the Policy you will note that there is a distinction made between a course "based on OER" and a "Z Course." If you have questions about the policy, please post them! Faculty members participating in the Z Degree project had input into the crafting of this policy and there were several revisions based on their experience and feedback.

This Policy is a "living" document and we anticipate that as we gain more and more exposure to all of the ways that OER can be used to increase student success, enhance our teaching effectiveness and efficiency revisions may be necessary.

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