Avocational Presentations

Presentations outside of a specific occupation in which one engages.


The tendency for a group to stick together and remain unified in the pursuit of its instrumental objectives.


A structured argument in which participants speak for or against a pre-announced proposition. The proposition is worded so that one side has the burden of proof, and that same side has the benefit of speaking first and last. Speakers assume an advocacy role and attempt to persuade the audience, not each other.

Delivery Outline

An abbreviated version of the preparation outline.


Essentially a question-and-answer format. One or more experts may be questioned by a panel of other experts, journalists, and/or the audience.

Group Communication

The process of creating meanings in the minds of others.


A faulty sense of agreement that occurs when group members seemingly agree but they primarily want to avoid conflict.


A structured conversation among a small group of people who gather to accomplish a specific task.

Negotiating Strategy

The overall approach you take when you exchange proposals and counterproposals with another person when discussing a settlement to a conflict.


A group of experts publicly discussing a topic among themselves. Individually prepared speeches, if any, are limited to very brief opening statements.

Preparation Outline

A full-sentence outline of virtually everything the speaker intends to say. It allows speakers to test the structure, the logic, and persuasive appeals in the speech.


Mutually agreed upon ways of interacting.

Small Group

Consists of three to fifteen people who share a common purpose, feel a sense of belonging to the group, and exert influence on each other.

Small Group Interaction

The process by which three or more members of a group exchange verbal and nonverbal messages in an attempt to influence one another.

Social Loafing

The decreased effort of each individual member as the number of a group increases.

Speaking Group

A collection of three or more speakers who come together to accomplish pre-assigned message content goals.


A series of short speeches, usually informative, on various aspects of the same general topic. Audience questions often follow.


A coordinated group of people organized to work together to achieve a specific, common goal.

Vocational Presentations

Presentations related to a specific occupation.

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