Module Three Details


In this module, we will focus on using storytelling in introductions and conclusions, prepping your presentation aids, and practicing with the technology. We will look at three chapters from The Public Speaking Project Textbook: Delivering Your Speech (chapter 12), Introductions and Conclusions (chapter 9), and Visual Aids (chapter 13). 

Always have a back-up plan in case the technology fails.


When planning live or video presentations, you need to be very mindful of color contrast.  Click here to see a very helpful article that will guide you in making better decisions when choosing color and brightness.


Storytelling is very powerful.  Do not begin your speech with "Today, I am going to talk to you about ____".  Hook your audience with a story.

The best speeches involve someone's story:  


Don't be afraid of humor or controversy.  It's o.k. to joke around even when your message is powerful.  Humor can be a very effective way to tell the story.


Tip: Words we are saying wrong:

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