Review Questions and Activities

Review Questions

  1. List and explain the four coordination elements.
  2. Define the three types of interaction roles.
  3. Describe the difference between a group, a team, and a speaking group.
  4. List and explain a characteristic of the three small-group leadership styles.
  5. Define a skilled follower.
  6. What are the two most common categories of conflict?
  7. Describe the difference between process and product assessment.
  8. What are the four common types of group presentations?
  9. Define relevant messages.


  1. In small groups of 3–4 people, create a presentation about a social media (Facebook, Twitter, music downloads, Linkedin, photosharing, etc.) for a particular industry.
  2. Describe in your journal an instance when you were both successful and unsuccessful in using participatory communication—participatory communication modes such as a preparedness to listen, assertiveness, clear verbal and nonverbal communication, confidence and empathy.
  3. Before two focus groups, deliver a two-minute group presentation of a topic of your choice to a vocational audience and one to an avocational audience. Discuss the differences.

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