Sample Assessment: Persuasive Speech Topic Outline

You must use at least three sources in your persuasive speech.  You must list three sources that you plan to use in your speech. 

Your topic outline is due before midnight on Thursday.  You will earn 10 points for turning in your outline on time.  Make sure all the steps of the sequence are covered in the outline.

You cannot present without an approved outline.  If the assignment is late, you will not get the points.

Use the Outline for Monroe's Motivated Sequence At the top, put what your topic is.  Then, put in your thesis statement.  Then, fill out the outline demonstrating that you plan to use the full sequence in your speech.

At the end of your outline, have a References page (do not use works cited).  Cite your sources in APA format.

I want to see the three sources in this assignment.  Make sure to use credible sources cited correctly.  Be prepared to explain why the sources are credible.

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