Sample Assessment: Persuasive Speech

In week eight, you will present a persuasive speech.

Review the reading: Outline for Monroe's Motivated Sequence.

This speech will be 4-6 minutes.  For every 30 seconds you are over or under, your grade will be docked a half-letter.

I encourage you to utilize the technology available to you.

If you are doing a video, the same time limits apply.

If you are using a clip of someone else's video, the max time is one minute.  If you are using a video clip, I strongly urge you to work with the media production team to pull out the clip.

You must post your handout and/or your references.  I want to see your sources (in APA format).

You will evaluate three of your peers.  Use the Monroe's Motivated Sequence handout as a guideline when you do your evaluation for the persuasive speech.  You should also mention the Canons of Rhetoric. You must remove spelling and grammar errors before you post your assignment. 

You will evaluate yourself afterward (to help you prepare for speech three).

Your speech grade will depend on the following:

*Did you fulfill the Canons of Rhetoric?

*Did you include all the steps of Monroe's Motivated Sequence?  It is imperative that you have a specific call to action.

*Time Management

*Inflection of Voice

*Use of gestures.

*Non-verbal communication (smiling and passionate about your topic).

*It is critical that you use credible sources!

*It is critical that you cite the sources correctly.

*Overall performance

*There will be a 10 point deduction (per incident) if you are texting during a colleague's speech.

*There will be a 10 point deduction if you enter or exit in the middle of a colleague's speech.

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