Assignment: Electronic Waste Research Paper

Follow the directions below to write a paper about the environmental impact of e-Waste. The paper should be correctly formatted and written in proper grammar. It should be a minimum of 1 page (single spaced), with 1 additional works cited page for a total of two (2) pages.

Assignment Directions

1) Do a Web search with your favorite search engine (ie: Google) to find Web pages to get an in-depth overview of the environmental impact & issues relating to the use & disposal of electronic devices.

2) Determine the specific aspect of the issues found in task #1 that you want to discuss in  your paper. You might, for example, decide to focus on the toxic materials contained in computers that end up in our landfills & water supply. You might investigate labor laws that protect those who dismantle computers for scrap, or discuss the current laws for shipping electronic devices to developing nations for disposal or recycling. The possibilities are limited only by the Web research.

3) Now that you have done the research (#1) and selected a topic to focus on (#2), make sure you can back up your discussion of facts & references to authoritative articles and Web Pages. Wikipedia is not an acceptable resource in this class. You will need to cite sources where appropriate within your paper and at the end on a Works Citied page. Make sure your works cited page is in APA format (see IT Library Help tab for APA help or use Words APA citation tool) and should include author(s) name, article title, date of publication, URL, etc..

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