Exam Tips for Computer Science

If your Computer Science exam is around the corner, the following strategies will help you be better prepared.

Success tips for theory and programming courses:

Clarify doubts – Ensure you solve questions at the end of every chapter, well before the exam. This will give you time to clarify doubts and work on the tougher sections.

Use study guides to summarize important information. This will serve as a quick reference before the exam.

Review assignments and old tests.

Take practice tests – The test taking strategy works best, as it makes you aware of the types of questions to expect and your speed in solving them.

Solve sample papers. Use the elimination method for multiple-choice questions.

Join a Study Group - Get together with other students to solve assignments, write programs, review flow and syntax, and discuss alternative approaches.

Practice - It takes regular practice to write error-free programs. Code regularly on the computer and execute them within a stipulated time. Debug for errors, if any. Prepare questions for each other, in the study group. With practice, you will gain speed and the experience to detect the cause of bugs.

Make use of the right memory strategy like key words, mnemonics, and visual association to recall concepts.

Clarity – Organize and indent your code for readability. Follow naming convention.