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Accounting Information Systems 11th Edition

Accounting Information Systems (11th Edition)

Accounting Information Systems (11th Edition)

Book Edition11th Edition
Author(s)Dull, Gelinas

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  1. Chapter 1Introduction to Accounting Information Systems

  2. Chapter 2Enterprise Systems

  3. Chapter 3Electronic Business (E-Business) Systems

  4. Chapter 4Documenting Information Systems

  5. Chapter 5Database Management Systems

  6. Chapter 6Relational Databases and SQL

  7. Chapter 7Controlling Information Systems: Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control

  8. Chapter 8Controlling Information Systems: Introduction to Pervasive Controls

  9. Chapter 9Controlling Information Systems: Business Process and Application Controls

  10. Chapter 10The Order Entry/Sales (OE/S) Process

  11. Chapter 11The Billing/Accounts Receivable/Cash Receipts (B/AR/CR) Process

  12. Chapter 12The Purchasing Process

  13. Chapter 13The Accounts Payable/Cash Disbursements (AP/CD) Process

  14. Chapter 14The Human Resources (HR) Management and Payroll Processes

  15. Chapter 15Integrated Production Processes (IPPs)

  16. Chapter 16The General Ledger and Business Reporting (GL/BR) Process

  17. Chapter 17Acquiring and Implementing Accounting Information Systems