Biochemistry 1st Edition

Biochemistry (1st Edition)

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Biochemistry (1st Edition)

Book Edition1st Edition
Author(s)McEvoy, Miesfeld
Alternate ISBN(s)9780393615074, 9780393615081
PublisherW. W. Norton

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  1. Chapter 1Principles of Biochemistry

  2. Chapter 2Physical Biochemistry: Energy Conversion, Water, and Membranes

  3. Chapter 3Nucleic Acid Structure and Function

  4. Chapter 4Protein Structure

  5. Chapter 5Methods in Protein Biochemistry

  6. Chapter 6Protein Function

  7. Chapter 7Enzyme Mechanisms

  8. Chapter 8Cell Signaling Systems

  9. Chapter 9Glycolysis: A Paradigm of Metabolic Regulation

  10. Chapter 10The Citrate Cycle

  11. Chapter 11Oxidative Phosphorylation

  12. Chapter 12Photosynthesis

  13. Chapter 13Carbohydrate Structure and Function

  14. Chapter 14Carbohydrate Metabolism

  15. Chapter 15Lipid Structure and Function

  16. Chapter 16Lipid Metabolism

  17. Chapter 17Amino Acid Metabolism

  18. Chapter 18Nucleotide Metabolism

  19. Chapter 19Metabolic Integration

  20. Chapter 20DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination

  21. Chapter 21RNA Synthesis, Processing, and Gene Silencing

  22. Chapter 22Proteins Synthesis, Post Translational Modification, and Transport

  23. Chapter 23Gene Regulation