Biology: How Life Works, Volume 2 3rd Edition

Biology: How Life Works, Volume 2 (3rd Edition)

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Biology: How Life Works, Volume 2 (3rd Edition)

Book Edition3rd Edition
Author(s)Hartl, Morris
PublisherMacmillan Publishing, Inc

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  1. Chapter C4Malaria

  2. Chapter 20Evolution : How Genotypes and Phenotypes Change over Time

  3. Chapter 21Species and Speciation

  4. Chapter 22Evolutionary Patterns:Phylogeny and Fossils

  5. Chapter 23Human Origins and Evolution

  6. Chapter C5The Human Microbiome

  7. Chapter 24Bacteria and Archaea

  8. Chapter 25Eukaryotic Cells : Origins and Diversity

  9. Chapter 26Being Multicellular

  10. Chapter C6Agriculture

  11. Chapter 27Plant Form, Function, and Evolutionary History

  12. Chapter 28Plant Reproduction : Finding Mates and Dispersing Offsprings

  13. Chapter 29Plant Growth and Development

  14. Chapter 30Plant Defense

  15. Chapter 31Plant Diversity

  16. Chapter 32Fungi

  17. Chapter 33Animal Form, Function, and Evolutionary History

  18. Chapter 34Animal Nervous Systems

  19. Chapter 35Animal Movement: Muscles and Skeletons

  20. Chapter 36Animal Endocrine Systems

  21. Chapter 37Animal Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

  22. Chapter 38Animal Metabolism, Nutrition, and Digestion

  23. Chapter 39Animal Renal Systems : Water and Waste

  24. Chapter 40Animal reproduction and Development

  25. Chapter 41Animal Immune Systems

  26. Chapter 42Animal Diversity

  27. Chapter 43Behavior and Behavioral Ecology

  28. Chapter 44Population Ecology

  29. Chapter 45Species Interactions and Communities

  30. Chapter 46Ecosystem Ecology

  31. Chapter 47Climate and Biomes

  32. Chapter 48The Anthropocene: Humans as a Plantary Force