Chapter 12, CASE SCENARIO, Starting an Employment Search , Exercise 1

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Ask the following questions to figure out what industries one might be able to work in:


  • Is that a field in which one has a natural aptitude?
  • Does one have the qualifications to work in those fields?
  • Do one have any work experience in those businesses or industries that are linked to them?
  • Have they completed any training or courses in those fields of work?


Then begin seeking for work in those fields:


  • Contact friends and colleagues who work in such fields
  • Meet with headhunters and recruiters via calling up contacts or clients with whom one has previously worked.
  • Use job search engines
  • Fill out online applications on each company's employment page so that one's resume is stored in their database
  • Make use of social media sites

While networking with people you know:


  • Explain why one is looking for a job or changing jobs.
  • Don't lie, but try to be diplomatic.
  • Describe the types of jobs in which one would like to work.
  • Make a list of potential employers and industries in which one would like to work.
  • Describe one's qualifications, experience, talents, and other attributes that are relevant to the position being sought.

Sample Response

Individual R can work in any of the following industries or sectors due to his vast variety of talents and competence, as well as his good communication abilities:


  • Insurance industry 
  • Finance industry
  • Sector of real estate
  • The rental market
  • Sector of leasing
  • The public sector
  • Sector comprising professional and business services

Notify others in your network about a new job hunt by doing the following:


  • Portals for finding work
  • Get in touch with companies that you worked with previously.
  • Make contact with former co-workers' clients.
  • Make connections with co-workers, acquaintances, and family members who work in the same field.
  • Use social networking sites like website L, website F, and website T to post fresh job search requirements.


Individual R may use the following social networking sites:


  • Website L: Create a profile with a photo and then search for firms or recruiters in the field you want to work in. Look for suitable job openings and apply for them.
  • Website F: Make connections and inform friends about the type of job Individual R is seeking.
  • Website T: Most companies have accounts on Website T in which job openings may also be updated. Individual R can stay connected and track job opportunities.


Individual R can expand their current professional network by:


  • Joining professional organisations
  • Attending network events or trade shows
  • Pursuing volunteer opportunities
  • Using alumni network


Phrases to consider:


  • Looking for a position where the individual can manage manufacturing projects for large customer orders.
  • seeking a job for career advancement in specific skill-related areas.
  • Individual R is looking for a job that will allow him to use his strategic management skills.
  • Looking for a job in the same city, preferably.
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