Chapter 2, CASE SCENARIO, Working as a Cross-Culture Team, Exercise 1

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  • Interpersonal communication is generally considered as a transaction or transfer of information and ideas through verbal or non-verbal methods.
  • Intercultural communication is about how culture affects communication.
  • Effective communication is the most vital part of teamwork and involves continuous updates among team members. 

Sample Response

Interpersonal Differences

In this case, the interpersonal issue regarding communication is that the meaning or substance of the topic is not effectively transferred through the three of them. Online conversation is a considerable part of people's interpersonal communication nowadays, and each member should be aware of each other's presence and their views, which was lacking in their discussion. There exists a difference in wavelengths in communicating with each other. There are also a conflict of personality between the three of them and a lack of clarity in communicating. It was almost a breakdown of communication when the three of them were independently expressing their views. If these issues are not amicably solved among themselves, it will ultimately result in productivity loss. Also, the messages communicated by one person were irrelevant to the topic of discussion. The assumption of the exact topic is likely to be mistaken. This may result in the hurting of the feelings of the other two.

Cultural Differences

The individuals in the given scenario are assumed to belong to different religious, social, and educational backgrounds. One should have an understanding of how people from other countries and cultures act and communicate around them. When working as a team, all team members should understand and give respect to their identities. Intercultural differences should be valued, an understanding of which was lacking in the conversation. Interpersonal communication may be adversely affected by a lack of cultural understanding and different background experiences. Similarly, gender barriers seem to obstruct interpersonal communication as one of them is a female and the other two are males.

Flaws in Teamwork Communication 

It is mandatory that employees collaborate effectively across various locations, between the different business functions. There might be a lack of respect with one person dominating over the other and the third being passive. By listening to colleagues, respect is shown and trust is developed. While working as a team, the strengths and weaknesses of each team member should be known. The capabilities of each member were also not known in the case; hence, cohesiveness perhaps was absent. 

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Page 65