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Business Communication: Polishing Your Professional Presence 4th Edition

Business Communication: Polishing Your Professional Presence (4th Edition)

Book Edition4th Edition
PublisherPearson Higher Education

Chapter 3, CASE SCENARIO, Use and Formation of Nouns and Pronouns, Exercise 1

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When programs are launched in an office using a poorly drafted message, chances are that very few people turn up for the event. Most of the employees could try to skip the workshop by asking various questions or raising objections. If these questions are related to the purpose behind the event and the contents of it, then they should be addressed. However, the staff can be persuaded by writing a well-drafted message, and this could improve the attendance at the event.

Sample Response

While organizing a workshop at work place, the desired goal is to have as many participants as possible. However, such a successful outcome might not be achieved due to multiple reasons. Any such venture is usually subject to questioning. The employees could put forward the following questions:

  • Will the time spent at this workshop be included in the productive hours?
  • Does it expect any verbal participation from me?
  • Will I receive any certificate for having attended the workshop?
  • Won't this be a waste of my productive time?
  • What new does this workshop has to offer?

Some workers could try to avoid attending the session, and could say the following things in their defense:

  • I am already good at communication skills.
  • I will get bored during the workshop.
  • Nobody from my team is attending it.
  • I will get embarrassed if I fail to answer a question.
  • I learnt nothing new from the previous workshop.

After having revised the message by following the ACE method, most of the questions would have been answered automatically. This is because the revised version will be pre-planned and self-explanatory. The questions which can be addressed are related to how much active participation the workshop expects. Since the workshop is about communication, the speaker might like to interact with the workers. Moreover, as the time invested in the workshop is for the betterment and skill enhancement of the personnel, any question regarding the productivity should be addressed. Workers who show lack of interest in the program can be persuaded to participate but cannot be forced, and thus such questions can be avoided.

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Page 107