Chapter 8, CASE SCENARIO, Researching to Answer Business Questions, Exercise 1

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The first stage is to understand the circumstance and guarantee that the task is correctly grasped; only then can the individual go in the right path and give a flawless presentation. Second, making a list of needs will assist in figuring out what to do next.

After that, one can use the internet to look for the information they need. After then, the data should be examined and conclusions drawn. Finally, the processed data can be organized in a systematic manner to aid decision-making. 

Sample Response

An analysis of the problem should be conducted to determine what information is available (background), what information is required for the project (goal), and how all of this information fits into a larger picture. This analysis will help you figure out what knowledge you'll need to do the assignment.


Search engines can be used to find a wide range of information from a variety of sources, including surveys, research articles, publications, statistics reports, and so on. Information on the following topics can be gathered from these sources:


  • legal guidelines for developing businesses in the three nations 
  •  data on wind speeds in various regions in the three countries 
  • socioeconomic data on the rural populations in the three countries
  • data on raw material availability for manufacturing, and so on 

Furthermore, conducting a web search on data connected to enterprises in a comparable procedure in the rural settings of the three nations would be an effective technique of obtaining valuable information. These discoveries can be combined with previously gathered data. This can provide insight that can be implemented.

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Page 301