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CMPTR 3rd Edition

CMPTR (3rd Edition)

CMPTR (3rd Edition)

Book Edition3rd Edition
Author(s)Pinard, Romer, Morley
Alternate ISBN(s)9781305862876
PublisherCengage Learning
SubjectComputer Science

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  1. Chapter 1Introduction to Computers and the Internet


  3. Chapter 3Computer Software

  4. Chapter 4Computer Networks

  5. Chapter 5The Internet and Email

  6. Chapter 6Security and Privacy

  7. Chapter 7Exploring Windows 10 and Managing Files

  8. Chapter 8Using Edge, Mail, and People

  9. Chapter 9Introducing Microsoft Office 2016

  10. Chapter 10Creating a Document

  11. Chapter 11Formatting a Long Document

  12. Chapter 12Enhancing a Document

  13. Chapter 13Creating a Workbook

  14. Chapter 14Working with Formulas and Functions

  15. Chapter 15Creating an Advanced Workbook

  16. Chapter 16Inserting and Formatting Charts

  17. Chapter 17Creating a Database

  18. Chapter 18Maintaining and Querying a Database

  19. Chapter 19Creating Forms and Reports

  20. Chapter 20Creating a Presentation

  21. Chapter 21Enhancing a Presentation

  22. Chapter 22Integrating Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint