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Calculus 8th Edition

Calculus (8th Edition)

Calculus (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
Alternate ISBN(s)9781305271760
PublisherCengage Learning

Textbook Summary

When it comes to teaching calculus, it isn’t always as easy as explaining the concepts and how to work out equations. It takes a bit more nuance to help students understand, and Calculus 8th Edition provides clear explanations, detailed diagrams, and additional resources to help students absorb the material. The text puts an emphasis on encouraging students to think critically and work through problems on their own. Beginning with a re-introduction of what most pre-calculus courses cover, the text moves to more advanced topics including derivatives, integrals, parametric equations, and vector functions. But as each chapter becomes more and more complex, the text devotes more time to explain the concepts, and includes practice problems to help you absorb the material.

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