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Chemistry 13th Edition

Chemistry (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
Author(s)Chang, Goldsby
Section 6.2: Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions
Review of Concepts & Facts
Section 6.3: Introduction to Thermodynamics
Practice Exercise
Section 6.4: Enthalpy of Chemical Reactions
Practice Exercise
Section 6.5: Calorimetry
Section 6.6: Standard Enthalpy of Formation and Reaction
Practice Exercise
Section 6.7: Heat of Solution and Dilution
Review of Concepts & Facts
End of Chapter
Questions & Problems

Chapter 6, Section 6.2, Review of Concepts & Facts, Exercise 6.2.1

Page 234

First, you try! Drag each option into one of the groups below.

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Open system

Closed system

Isolated system

Page 234