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Chemistry 6th Edition

Chemistry (6th Edition)

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Chemistry (6th Edition)

Book Edition6th Edition
Author(s)Davies, Gilbert
Alternate ISBN(s)9780393697315
PublisherW. W. Norton

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  1. Chapter 1Particles of Matter: Measurement and the Tools of Science

  2. Chapter 2Atoms, Ions, and Molecules: Matter Starts Here

  3. Chapter 3Stoichiometry: Mass, Formulas, and Reactions

  4. Chapter 4Reactions in Solution: Aqueous Chemistry in Nature

  5. Chapter 5Properties of Gases: The Air We Breathe

  6. Chapter 6Thermochemistry: Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions

  7. Chapter 7A Quantum Model of Atoms: Waves, Particles and Periodic Properties

  8. Chapter 8Chemical Bonds: What Makes a Gas a Greenhouse Gas?

  9. Chapter 9Molecular Geometry: Shape Determines Function

  10. Chapter 10Intermolecular Forces: The Uniqueness of Water

  11. Chapter 11Solutions: Properties and Behavior

  12. Chapter 12Solids: Crystals, Alloys, and Polymers

  13. Chapter 13Chemical Kinetics: Reactions in the Atmosphere

  14. Chapter 14Chemical Equilibrium: How Much Product Does a Reaction Really Make?

  15. Chapter 15Acid-Base Equilibria: Proton Transfer in Biological Systems

  16. Chapter 16Additional Aqueous Equilibria: Chemistry and the Oceans

  17. Chapter 17Thermodynamics: Spontaneous and Nonspontaneous Reactions and Processes

  18. Chapter 18Electrochemistry: The Quest for Clean Energy

  19. Chapter 19Nuclear Chemistry: Applications in Science and Medicine

  20. Chapter 20Organic and Biological Molecules: The Compounds of Life

  21. Chapter 21The Main Group Elements: Life and the Periodic Table

  22. Chapter 22Transition Metals: Biological and Medical Applications